How to solve the top challenges of B2B eCommerce Platforms without breaking the bank

There’s a new generation of B2B buyers: technology-savvy, multitaskers, with higher expectations about how to do business, including a seamless mobile experience. In fact, more than 50% of B2B search queries today are already made on smartphones, and is expected to grow past 70% by 2020. (Source: Think with Google).

The new B2B buyer expects the convenience they’ve grown used to as retail consumers in all their business interactions. 

If you’re on the market for an online wholesaling platform, you are probably struggling with the challenges of typical B2B eCommerce (business-to-business electronic commerce) platforms. To name a few:

  • Clunky, mobile-unfriendly user experience
  • Clunky interfaces
  • Limiting merchandising
  • Tedious sales-cycle and slow, complex implementation
  • Proprietary technology
  • Functionality that is isolated from the rest of your operations, with dated,  poor, or no integrations
  • Hidden costs
  • OMG, the hidden costs

Are you feeling the pressure to serve your B2B clients, but vehemently disagree with having to break the bank in order to do it? Read more…

The Ideal B2B eCommerce Platform

The ideal B2B eCommerce Platform is one that is easy to use. By this I mean, ease to use internally, easy for your B2B buyers to use, and easy to expand into other users. This business-to-business platform must be your business platform. Nothing else should be acceptable. This means your B2B eCommerce platform must:

  • Place user experience above all, which will help you drive purchases to your online channel
  • Use open-technology that allows integrations that effectively turn it into the hub of your online operations, and connect to other processes and tools
  • Be fast and cost-effective to implement and grow

Unfortunately, many B2B solutions are caught in legacy technology (self-hosted? downloads?) that ignores the shifts in how we do business now.

No Need To Break The Bank

If you are a wholesaler, sell to organizations like schools, other businesses, or non-profits, and need a B2B eCommerce platform, I have really good news for you: As a BigCommerce Certified Partner, AllyOne can help implement a solution that is typically 1/4 the cost of on-premise enterprise B2B eCommerce solutions.

You can have an online store that integrates with your existing systems for seamless scalability.

You will be able to publish your catalogs online, assign catalogs & pricing to customers, track and fulfill sales orders. In fact, you can solve all these challenges of typical B2B eCommerce platforms:

  • having customer-specific and/or bulk/contract based pricing
  • listing multiple vendors catalogs
  • offering product customization and special configurations
  • order approval process
  • integration with external ERPs
  • consolidating multi-channel sales and inventory control
  • managing multiple fulfillment locations
  • managing advanced shipping and freight
  • managing those precious customer relationships

You can do it for less that it costs with traditional B2B eCommerce platforms, with predictable costs, and ease. Contact us to chat about it.


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