Mmkay… what’s the catch?

Two things, actually:

First, there is no such thing as “FREE SEO”. Search Engine Optimization requires a lot of work, so either you’re paying someone to do it, or you’re paying with work.

Second, we require your sign-up to my email list. We put a lot of work and experience into this, so we’d like to at least get to know you. (Don’t worry, we hardly ever email as is).


What do I get?

When you sign up for updates from AllyOne, you get both the Free DIY SEO Checklist, and the Free DIY Local SEO Checklist as downloadable PDFs.

Free DIY SEO Checklist

FREE DIY SEO Checklist by AllyOne

A 33-item checklist shows the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for business. By completing as many as possible of the items on this list, a business can greatly improve the odds of being found on the web, and drive traffic to their website.

Free DIY Local SEO Checklist

FREE DIY Local SEO Checklist by AllyOne

A 36-item checklist with the fundamentals of Local SEO for business. These are particularly important for businesses with a physical presence (office or store). Go through this list to greatly improve the odds of driving foot traffic into your business.

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