eCommerce Trends for SMBs in 2019

eCommerce Trends 2019

It’s that time again when we all concern ourselves with the future, and predictions are aplenty. But predictions are not the same as trends. Trends we actually see coming. We can identify and study them. Then we see them building up, until one day we found ourselves looking back at when we first saw them.…

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Ally Digital is now AllyOne

AllyOne eCommerce websites featured image

New year, new name, and why this matters to you. Four years ago I founded Ally Digital on the idea that small businesses need someone to fight alongside them. Way too little is done to help the little business. For that reason I chose to focus on affordable internet marketing solutions for small business. Somewhere…

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Our New Model Is The Old Model

time is money - the new model -ft

Time is Money. It’s like we’ll never stop hearing this. Probably for good reason: Because it’s true. Nothing makes that more painfully obvious than being self-employed or owning a business. It becomes particularly obvious ever time we waste a few hours tweaking or updating technology simply for it to do the work it should do.…

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