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New year, new name, and why this matters to you.

AllyOne eCommerce websites featured imageFour years ago I founded Ally Digital on the idea that small businesses need someone to fight alongside them. Way too little is done to help the little business. For that reason I chose to focus on affordable internet marketing solutions for small business.

Somewhere along the way I realized I was overreaching, trying to be “everything digital” for everyone. Digital marketing is complex. Every aspect – website, email, social, SEO, ads– is a specialization in and of itself. That right there is plenty challenging.

Add to that the myriad of providers that overlap in their services, all competing for, and promising the same thing to clients, and one faces an enormous amount of client education just to get anything done. That is not a good business proposition for a solopreneur.

Not just that, in order to provide my clients the best results for them, I would have had to grow my consulting practice into the kind of agency I once founded and ran. I am not interested in doing that, and I don’t think my clients are interested in the resulting overhead.

That realization helped me make a choice. You see, I started my life in this whole digital space back around 2008, in one of my ventures that continues to this day, Chronic Cycling. This was my first professional website, my first experience with eCommerce, my first successes in SEO and digital marketing in general. I then got sidetracked by that success in digital, and pursued it, until last year.

Back in 2017 two main things happened. First, I dove back into eCommerce. I had been following the market, even produced some work in WooCommerce websites. Second, a personal experience helped me get clear about what I really wanted to do with my life and professionally. So early in 2018, I decided to go back and specialize in eCommerce. The truth is I never didn’t do eCommerce. I simply had not made the conscious choice to focus my business on this one thing.

So, why the name change?

This change in focus triggered a general branding effort which evolved into a few more profound premises:

One is the fact that as a consultant, I’m the guy my clients go to for answers. I’m not an “account executive” or “CEO” at a big agency, one or two degrees removed from the work. Nothing wrong with that, it’s just that I’m the guy that affects change for my clients, and my clients want that guy.

The other one is that being a digital marketing agency that designs and builds websites is too broad for me. Sure, there are plenty agencies out there that claim to do just that. I just think only the top agencies manage to excel at all of it, but those agencies are also outside the reach of small and medium business. My focus is on eCommerce, to which I bring enough design and marketing expertise to advise my clients, implement when possible, and escalate to the specialists in my network for everything from branding, logo design, social media marketing, ongoing SEO, SEM, business systems, etc.. I think that serves both my clients and my business best, and that my network and I together bring better value for them.

I also want to make clear to my network what is it that I’m doing right now. So I’m hoping this new branding helps convey a more profound change, the premise behind the new brand:

One agency. One specialization. A single point of contact for all your eCommerce needs.

AllyOne intends to be the single source of help for businesses wanting to expand into eCommerce, and businesses with an existing online store that are seeking to improve their performance. This does not mean AllyOne does it all, it simply means that, like a concierge service, we do as much as is within our expertise, and happily send you to other, vetted, specialists in our network.

The service offer has been streamlined to the following:


What stays the same?

For one thing, we continue to offer fully managed WordPress websites to clients old and new. More importantly, AllyOne continues to be an ally to clients, and is obsessed with giving our clients the best value for their money. AllyOne brings a high sense of ownership to our partnership with our clients. And as a fiduciary consultancy, AllyOne only gives advice that is in the best interest of our client, even if it means sending them somewhere else.

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